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Who are K9 Collective

K9 Collective are packwalking and dog training specialists in East Auckland. Our passion for dogs began through fostering and rehoming rescue dogs over the past five years.

From there we have developed the essential skills needed for exercising and training dogs.

We provide packwalks and adventures for dogs who thrive in a social environment. Alongside this, your dog will receive training in basic commands, to ensure your dog has a controlled and fun adventure.

K9 collective offers basic one on one training which can include leash training, basic commands and off lead recall depending on your dogs needs.

Pack Walks

A Pack Walk with K9 Collective is designed to exercise your dog both mentally and physically while also teaching them to be calm and relaxed around other dogs and distractions.

Your dog will come on a walk with a group of dogs where we focus on walking calmly on a loose lead, maintaining calm and consistent energy around distractions and socializing with other dogs.

Pack walks are typically two hours long, with most dogs out of the house for more than three hours including the pick-up and drop-off. These walks take place in local forests, beaches and farmland. Your dog will come home happy, tired and sometimes dirty.

All dogs must complete a full assessment before being able to join a pack walk, we do this assessment at your address at a one off charge of $30.00

Pack Walk Standard - $50.00
(singular dog, one walk per week on a set, enrolled day)

Pack Walk Multi - $45.00
(singular dog, multiple walks per week on set, enrolled days)

Pack Walk Multi-Dog - $45.00
(multiple dogs from one household on set, enrolled days)


K9 Collective offer training services including leash training (loose leash walking), basic command training, off-leash recall training and reactivity training, based on your dogs needs. Contact us to book an assessment, for us to meet you and to assess your dog's individual needs prior to training sessions. 

Initial Assessment $30

Training Pricing TBC (Based on the needs of each dog)

Hear what our clients have to say

Hayley Ryan
021 02610398

Aaron Soper
027 2774686

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